Transcreation is a creative process that adapts marketing messages from one language and culture to another while maintaining the original message's intent, tone, and style. Unlike traditional translation, which focuses on word-for-word accuracy, transcreation is more concerned with capturing the message's essence and ensuring it resonates with the target audience.

One of the main benefits of transcreation is that it can help brands effectively communicate with their target audience in different markets by ensuring their messaging is culturally relevant and resonates with local consumers. By transcreation, brands can avoid common pitfalls, such as inadvertently using words or phrases with a negative connotation in the target market or failing to communicate the key selling points of a product or service effectively.

How can creative transcreation benefit from creative automation?

Transcreation can benefit from creative automation in several ways, streamlining the creative production process through technology, such as automatically generating ads or using templates to create variations of ads quickly. Here are a few ways that creative transcreation can benefit from creative automation:

Faster Turnaround Time: Using creative automation tools, transcreation can be done more efficiently and at scale, allowing brands to produce and test localised ads quickly and easily. This means creative teams can spend less time on repetitive tasks like resizing and formatting ads and more time on the creative elements that make an ad effective.

Consistency: Creative automation tools can help ensure consistency across a brand's ad campaigns, even when adapting the campaigns for different markets. Automation uses templates and style guides to ensure that each ad follows the brand's visual and messaging guidelines while being culturally relevant and engaging for the target market.

Cost-Effective: By automating certain aspects of the creative production process, brands can save time and money on creating ads. This is especially true for large brands that need to make a lot of localised ads for different markets. With creative automation, brands can create and test a variety of ad variations quickly and easily without manually creating each ad from scratch.

A/B Testing: Creative automation tools can also help with A/B testing by automatically generating variations of ads with different creative elements. This can help brands identify which creative parts are most effective in other markets and adjust their campaigns accordingly.

By combining effective transcreation strategies with creative automation, brands can produce and test localised ads quickly and efficiently, maximising the impact of their advertising efforts and achieving better business outcomes.

Last Updated:
April 13, 2023
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