Multivariate Testing

Multivariate testing is a marketing strategy involving multiple variables in a creative asset to determine which combination produces the best results. These variables could include the headline, call-to-action, images, colours, or layout.

Multivariate testing optimises a marketing campaign's performance by identifying the most effective combination of variables. Marketers can quickly and efficiently gather data on what works best by testing multiple variables and using that information to make data-driven decisions about improving their campaigns.

Benefits to advertisers of multivariate testing

One of the main benefits of multivariate testing is that it allows marketers to improve the effectiveness of their campaigns without relying solely on intuition or guesswork. By using data to make decisions, marketers can be more confident that their campaigns will resonate with their target audience.

Another benefit of multivariate testing is that it can help marketers save time and money by avoiding trial and error. By testing multiple variables simultaneously, marketers can quickly identify the most effective combinations and avoid wasting resources on ineffective strategies.

Improving multivariate testing through automation

Multivariate testing, also known as A/B/n testing, can benefit from creative automation in several ways:

Speed and Efficiency: With creative automation, marketers can quickly and easily create multiple variations of ads and landing pages without manual coding or design work. This allows for faster and more efficient testing of numerous ad elements, such as headlines, images, and calls to action.

Accuracy: Creative automation tools can help ensure that variations are created and tested accurately and consistently, reducing the risk of human error and providing reliable results.

Scalability: By automating the creative production process, brands can quickly scale their testing efforts, testing more variations and reaching a larger audience.

Data Analysis: With creative automation tools, marketers can quickly gather and analyse data on ad performance, allowing them to make data-driven decisions about their ad strategy.

Cost Reduction: By automating the creative production and testing process, brands can reduce the cost and time required to test and optimise ads while improving their effectiveness.

Creative automation can help marketers to scale their multivariate testing efforts, allowing them to test more variations in less time. This can lead to faster insights and more efficient campaign optimisation. Additionally, creative automation can help ensure that all interpretations are consistent with brand guidelines, reducing the risk of errors or inconsistencies in messaging.

Last Updated:
April 17, 2023
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